Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Sketchy's update

Quick update. Caught a really bad cold at the beginning of the month, had an even worse cold front move in that resulted in hours without power, and then a week later my iMac decided it wanted to fail. I don't really have anything backed up (long story), so it's currently at a data recovery shop. Hopefully I won't lose most of my work from the past year, but you live and you learn.

I have my windows open today: 76° and sunny. I'll take it. Things are looking up for the rest of this month (but they really couldn't have gotten much worse). Hopefully I'll have some more work to show soon once I get my iMac back. Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day!


sleepypasture said...

Thanks so much for coming! :)

Tin Salamunic said...

Great, great drawing! :)

Carlos V. said...

Found your blog through some friends, you have really beautiful work. I'm a fellow Ringling grad stopping by to say hello.