Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in school

The beginning of the last school year.

Back in the swing of things with less than a year left to go. The first assignment was to deal with anything political, so I chose the subject of gay marriage and went from there. The piece deals with the beauty of a union (marriage or not) and the hurtful and slanderous things people will say about and to others. We should not be afraid of what's different and see the beauty within any bond, regardless of gender. Hopefully I captured that in this piece.

This piece was in response to a chapter in one of David Sedaris' books. Titled appropriately "The Smoking Section," Sedaris travels to Japan to try to finish his dirty habit off for good. He is an outsider, struggling to understand their language, and prefers to visit a local Western cafe to enjoy some shotokeku. I hope I captured the solidarity and gloom of his experience, albeit the positive nature of the stay there.


Nila Curry said...

ahhh shucks! u go girl. Those pieces were lookin nice today!

Andrea Bowman said...

These we by far my favorite pieces in the show keep it up

Henry Deibel III said...

Bravo! Both pieces are knockouts.