Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A new journey

So I decided to start a whole new blog. Well, it's not completely new, really. This location has been in existence now for quite some time, documenting the past three years I've spent studying at Ringling. I've grown so much and the direction of my art and interests have changed so much that I felt it was necessary to start anew. A self-cleansing process, so to speak. I have come to terms now more than ever with my strengths and weaknesses as an artist and though I still am unsure of my desired career path, I'm determined to succeed in whatever I pursue. Hopefully I'll find out a little bit more about myself through this process and can find my strongest passions within myself.


almadora said...

very nice stuff. my twin brother and i are starving artists ourselves. he does lots of portraits, and i do mostly photocollage. i really like your stuff, it has a fine, deft, but solid hand to it.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Grand work !!